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Sequencer Construction: 8-cycle FSM

I'm just about at the half way mark now for getting the computer to operate the MOV8, ALU and SETAB instructions. The easier cards are out of the way now ... time for the slightly more complex ones. In this post it's the sequencer cards which will deal with the 'when' of instructions by sending out timing pulses which the upcoming control cards will then use to operate the various control lines of the computer at the right time.

Note there that I did say sequencer 'cards' and not 'card' because there's two of them this time. This is the first part of the computer that will be constructed across two cards stacked together rather than all on a single card (the upcoming control unit will also be spread across two cards). This is for two reasons: firstly the sequencer needs access to more connections than a 'regular' card but secondly there'll be so much to fit in that it physically wouldn't fit on one card.

Working across two cards doe…