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ALU & Registers A-D Test with new Display Cards

Now that the two display cards are complete enough to display and control the status of the ALU and four registers (A-D) it's time to fit them to the upper enclosure. With that done the upper enclosure can then be connected to the lower enclosure and everything can be given a test together.

The upper enclosure is constructed very similarly to the lower enclosure ... as before, out of aluminium profile. Here's a Sketchup image of how the upper enclosure should look when sat on top of the lower enclosure:
The two blank cards at the top of the upper enclosure are Display A and B (A on the left, B on the right) and as with the primary input switches below the display cards are attached to the enclosure by a frame of aluminium channel. Eventually I'll be adding a connection board between the upper and lower enclosure so that the two can be split easily when the computer is moved around but for now everything is 'hard wired' together with ribbon cables.

Here's a pic…